International Planning

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• International Planning

In the context of globalized market, companies are challenged by the demands arising from competitiveness in the environment in which they operate. These challenges become more complex on the strategic need for a company to expand their business beyond national borders, as it involves different cultures, specific rules of each country and management of global and local results.
The internationalization of a company involves, among other things, the creation of partnerships, investments, agreements, institutions and development of global expansion strategies. Thus, the different modes of entry into international markets now are actions that occur gradually and have a significant role in the process of internationalization, as it impacts international operations, performance and survival. Therefore, the choice for a particular input mode is an important strategic decision.
The internationalization of companies, especially in Brazil, depends on a number of factors: corporate culture, knowledge of the business environment, legislation and an excellent strategy. At the same time, changes in global productive structure pose new challenges for entrepreneurs and new possibilities for action.
The MORAES LEME CONSULTANCY believes that internationalization is the strategic planning design process and its implementation, to a corporation operating in other different countries that in which it is originally installed, necessarily involving the international movement of factors of production.
There are several ways to structure an internationalization strategy, and its suitability depends on a number of factors that permeate the corporate culture, material resources and the socio-political conditions.
Steps to internationalization:
STEP I – Overview
Company Analysis
Corporate governance
Tiering International Markets
STEP II – Country Analysis
Influence Factors and Political Risk, Economic, Social, Technological
Customer Analysis and Competitors
Legal analysis / tax / accounting
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Economic Feasibility Analysis / Financial (BusinessPlan)
Goal Setting
STEP III – Internationalization
Home Internationalization
Analysis of Strategy and Tactics for Market
Commercial deployment abroad
Operations Planning
Global Sourcing Strategic Negotiations
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update Date
productive branch opening abroad
distribution branch opening abroad
Establishment of industrial / commercial cooperation agreements
technology transfer agreements
Acquisition of companies already established in the target country

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